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    What are the key benefits of training with the CorMax range of products?

    • Increases core strength

    • Improved power and strength

    • Builds stability muscles

    • Improved reaction time

    • Optimises motor control

    • Helps prevent injuries

    • Aids weight loss

    • Aids rehabilitation

    Who can benefit from training with the CorMax range of products?

    • Young people
    • Elderly
    • Personal trainers
    • Boot camps
    • Gymnasiums
    • Physiotherapists
    • Rehabilitation therapists
    • Elite trainers
    • Athletes – Rugby, AFL, Rugby League, Tennis, Martial Arts, MMA, Judo, Golf

    How easy are they to fill with water and air?

    Very easy! The valve on your ball has a lock setting where you can press and turn the valve so it is constantly open, allowing a free flow of water in (or out). When filled to your desired weight of water, use the pump to blow air into the ball to fill the space and return the valve to the closed position.

    What is the maximum weight each product will hold?

    • Grenades: 6kg (each)
    • Torpedo (T1): 16kg
    • Torpedo (T2): 22kg
    • Commander: 50kgAQA Ball (small): 15kg
    • AQA Ball (medium): 25kg
    • AQA Ball (large): 40kg
    • The Beast: 80kg

    Should they be filled to their limit?

    No, even though they’re designed to be filled all the way, you risk the potential of damage if you drop it at max capacity. Generally fill to a max of 95% water so it has some shock absorbency if dropped.

    I can lift much more using free weights. Will this be too easy for me?

    Aqua bag training is much more difficult than free-weight training due to shifting loads. Muscles not used in free-weight training will be activated.

    How durable are your products?

    All CorMax products including Grenades, are designed to be durable and tough. However it is not advised to drop or throw your bag from big heights (i.e. overhead) as it may compromise the integrity of the bag and reduce its longevity.

    What are the CorMax products made from?

    All our water filled products are manufactured from double lined PVC / webbed handles with Neoprene cover.

    Can you wash the CorMax products?

    Yes, this is very easy. Simply hose down with water or just wipe down with a damp cloth.

    Do I need the whole range?

    Equipment choice should be based on knowledge of what exercises or skill sets each piece can be used to train. The Commander is a great piece of equipment to practice the foundation ‘core’ exercises. It is also foundational to practice squat and Olympic lifting skills. Additionally it can be used for single leg squats or ‘dips’ or balance exercises or a bench for bench press allowing the scapula freedom of movement above and beyond what a stable bench can afford. Enhancing core engagement while activating the pectoral group of muscles is an added bonus and facilitated better technique cues when transferred to a stable environment.

    Similarly the Grenades are fantastic at dividing the body up into opposites /sling action or same side activation of muscles or providing a lighter resistance for the ‘skater’ exercise.

    The AQA Ball is compact but weighty and comfortable to use for sit-stand-overhead press and squat/ sit exercise or ‘Russian roll’ on the Commander base activating Oblique muscles.

    Torpedo is awesome training for the traditional barbell but training with this piece of equipment will facilitate a more balanced right to left shoulder/ arm/ core activation in the back squat or bench press for example.

    Do I need the Grenades if I have a Torpedo?

    Grenades offer a huge range of exercises which cannot be imitated with a Torpedo, similar to small hand free weights or smaller kettle bells.


    FAQ’s didn’t answer your question?

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